Resource Library
The Resource Library is a cloud based information storage and management system with a graphical heirarchical navigation system.
You data is stored in the typical tree structure and can be accessed by drilling through images from the top level down to the node that you want to retrieve information for. This way the navigation is simple and quick meaning that anyone, including people who have never used the system before, to retrieve the information they require quickly and accurately.

Graphical Drill Down

Drliling Down.

With the explosion in digital information available to organisations in the current age locating the information you need has become both more complicated and more important. Rather than navigating dropdown boxes, tree structures and search strings wouldn't it be easier to simply press on or click the item you wanted information for and then click through successive layers to drill down to the information you want?

This is exactly the desire that the HermesSuite Resource Library is designed to fulfill. With our innovatige and protected technology this method is available to anyone that has a desktop computer or mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android device).

The drill down does not need to represent a physical item such as a car, instead it could be an organisational structure. For example you could have the directors in the top level image, and by clicking on them you drill down to the departments, then the people working in those departments, then the projects those people are working on or the clients they deal with.

The way in which you build the structure is completely up to you. All you need is an image to display, and you don’t really need an image as you can simply open up a graphics application like Microsoft Paint, and write some text, save the picture and then make the text clickable to make yourself a menu of sorts. Any image will do, be it a photo, drawing, scanned document etc.

If you would like to see an example of how you can drill down from one level to the next please click here

Simple Clickable Area Management

Creating a Hotspot.

One of our primary objectives while creating this system was to have it easy to use and easy to manage.

Unlike any other graphical drill down systems on the market ours requires no special programming knowledge or HTML experience. Instead you simply click on the area you want to make clickable and drag a box around the object. Selecting a clickable area and giving it a name takes 5 seconds, requires no support at all from our administration team and we have no limit to the number and variety of clickable areas you can create.

Curious just how quick and easy it is to create a new hotspot. Click this link and you will be taken to an image showing the complete process!

Version Control

Rolling Counter.

You no longer need to worry about booking documents in and out or concerning yourself with whether or not a previous version of a document has been lost as HermesSuite does not delete any old resources when you upload a new copy; instead it increments the version number, treats the latest version as the current one but allows you and your users to access the current version and all previous versions of any given resource

If someone has accidently uploaded the wrong version of a resource or has overwritten it with a completely incorrect resource simply wind back to the previous version and it is as if nothing happened at all.

Rolling Counter.

All changes are recorded for each resource and each change is stamped with details about which user made the change, what fields were affected and whether or not the file itself was altered. If the file was changed a link to all previous versions of the file is included.

Some customers will upload a digital source file (such as a Autocad source) as version 1 and then will compile that to a pdf file as version 2 meaning that for a single resource you have the final version plus the source version under a single resource header, simply wind back through the versions to get to the original source. To see what the version screen looks like click here.

User Level Access Security

Security Tab.

HermesSuite uses a full user level authentication system which includes the concept of user groups. You can authorise access to individual resources or groups of resources to individual users or groups of users. You can select to block all access, to allow them to view the resource only or to allow full read & write permissions. The management of users is similar to the NTFS file system that many people use on their Windows computers and so it should be intuitive and easy to use.

For a screen shot showing what the 'Add Resource' screen looks like and what the permissions window looks like please click here

Link Copy Definitions

With a Link Copy Definition you can declare a resource or group of resources that form a common package, such as the instruction manuals, technical drawings and certification for an item of equipment that you have several of (e.g. label printer) or an area of your building that is replicated in several places (such as a wash closet). Once this is done when you create a hotspot for an instance of that equipment or area you can then simply say 'apply Link Copy Definition "x"' and all of the resources you defined will be assigned to that equipment.

You can either link the resources (so that all equipment points to the same single resource) meaning that any updates or changes to the resource are replicated at every location that resource is assigned, or you can copy the resource (so that all equipment get their own locally edittable copy of the resource).

This feature reduces your overall data consumption by removing data replication and simplifies management of the common resources.

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