Shift Log

Shift Log is an electronic engineers log book. It is primarily designed to record the engineering activities of engineers and technicians.

User Friendly Interface

Shift Log

The Shift Log has a soft, user friendly interface designed to make the entry of data as quick as possible so that engineers spend as little time writting reports and more time available for engineering activities. It's dynamic design means that it maintains this easy to use interface irrespective if the report is being written on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

If you wish to see an example of the data entry form for the Shift Log please click the thumbnail image at the start of the text or click here.

Easy Data Entry

Shift Log

Equipment that has been worked on can be quickly selected from a tree like structure, allowing managers andother engineers to easily see what work has been conducted on an item of equipment without having to conduct full text searches.

You can enbed attachments into reports such as instruction manuals or diagrams and if you are using a mobile device you are able to upload images directly from your tablet or smartphone allowing much faster reporting than previously (which required you to take an image, email yourself the image from your phone and then attach it to the report once infront of a computer).

Mobile Device Photo Upload


Save input time and increase the quality of your reports by including images directly from your mobile device. Be it an iPad, iPhone or Android device you are able to create and edit reports and add images directly into the attachments collection without having to sync your device with a desktop computer.

The simplicity of the system means that you do not need to worry about any special input methods, simply click the [Add Files] button and select any number of images or videos to upload to the report. Allow people viewing your report to see what you were working on or the problem you identified without having to type lengthy explanations into the report body.

Linked Reports

Reports can be exported to pdf format for review that are linked within the report. Click on the report number and you will be taken to the Shift Log form with that report opened, click on an attachment and see that attachment in your browser

You can even embed the attachments so that reports can be sent to equipment suppliers complete with supporting evidence. This means that your supplier would be able to view the reports and attachments you want in a digital format without you having to give them access to your copy of the Shift Log system.

ShiftLog QR Code

Through the use of embedded QR codes within our application you can even link to the online report from a printed document provided that you have a suitable smartphone with a scanning app included (for example ZXing provide a completely free app for the iPhone and iPad that can read our codes).

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