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HermesSuite Resource Library

Managing drawings, operation and maintenance instructions, standard operating practices, software backups, pictures and other multimedia can is an ever increasing challenge for modern organisations.

The Resource Library is focussed on making the control and organisation of such resources as simple as possible while still maintaining the hierarchical structure that most resource systems have. You can view the resources for an entire area / site or pick out just the ones you want for one small particlar section.

HermesSuite manages your documentation using a unique, graphical drill-down approach. Instead of navigating through tree structures you simply click (or press if using a mobile device) on the item you want to view resources for. You can either view resources at any level or continue clicking though images to navigate deeper into the structure. This method has already proven highly effective and the fact that no programming or technical experience is required means that anyone can access the system, create clickable areas for themselves or navigate through the areas you have already setup for them quickly and easily.

TRL on the iPad

Feature Rich Management

HermesSuite contains many features to make you job of managing resource easier.

  • Version control means that you always have access to every historic version of a resource with the current resource being the default one provided to users.
  • User level access control allows you to restrict resources to particular users and groups
  • Nested folders allow you to maintain a heirarchi within a node of the drill down heirarchi. This nesting allows any amount of organisation of data you require.
  • Link Copy Definitions mean that common resources or groups of resources that occur at more than one place in the heriarchi can be defined and managed in one central location with all subscribers automatically updating if the resources change.
If you are interested in this system and would like to ask more questions, or if you would like to have a trial account setup please get in touch with us via our contacts page which can be accessed through this link. If you do decide to setup a trial account any information you put into it can either be cleared or retained and moved into the paid for system should you decide to continue after the trial period expires..
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Shift Logs

Shift Log is designed to replace the engineers log book which tracks actvities undertaken by either a single engineer or team of engineers.

The paper based log book has always been a great way of recording activities and for reference when similar problems are experienced but it's benefits start to break down after a few weeks as the history becomes buried under all of the other information that the book contains. HermesSuite solves this problem by categorising the reports against machines which are organised in an tree like structure. Whenever you want to review the equipment reports for an item of equipment you simply select it from the tree structure and only the reports for that item of equipment are displayed.

Shift Log also greatly improves the ability for chief engineers and managers to conduct periodic reviews, such as morning meetings as HermesSuite compiles all reports grouped by area and time period. If you need to see all reports from all areas in the past 24 hours this is not a problem. If you need to see all reports for your area of responsibility this is also not a problem. It is in this way that you can be assured that you can both record effectively, can comply with your audit requirements and be updated of all activities in your area with almost no effort at all.

Shift Log

User Friendly Interface

Shift Log is designed to be a useful tool that includes a user friendly interface. To achieve this we broke away from traditional styling and designed the system to be orientated around how most users wanted to input data. The form contents are laid out in a logical order and includes several cosmetic improvements over competing systems.

This design transfers between the desktop and mobile environment meaning that you can feel as comfortable on the desktop as you do on the tablet or smartphone.

Like all of our other systems you can upload content direct from your mobile device meaning that if you take an image with your smartphone or table you can instantly upload it to the Shift Log report without having to connect to a desktop or laptop computer. This allows you to complete your reports, including adding multimedia content, from anywhere you have a mobile data connection.

If you are interested in this service, or any of the others on this page feel free to drop us a line and we will set you up an account as soon as is possible. click here to go to the contacts page.

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Shift Log

HermesSuite Notifications are designed as a quick and easy defect reporting and management system for defects at any location or on any item. Rather than restricting your choices to a predefined list of equipment you can type in a location in clear text which makes it much easier for the responsible technicians to identify where the problem is. This is particularly useful when considering building maintenance as problems can occur with the fabric of the building that cannot be clearly classified in a tree like structure.

The Notification system uses several of our in-house technologies such as uploading images from iOS devices and the ability to produce scannable barcodes that make tracking, reporting and completing of tasks quicker, simplier and more accurate while still maintaining the ability to search through historic jobs using clear text and categories.

If this raises your interest and you would like access to a demo system or you would like a demonstration please click here to be taken to the Contact Us page.

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