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Technical Drawing Apparatus.

HermesSuite is owned and operated by Deadline Automation Limited which is a small company located in South East London. We operate a number of information management system both intranet and internet based. HermesSuite is a cloud based service that has been available since early 2011.

We employ a number of systems in the HermesSuite, some of which are based on unique protected software which belongs to us alone and some systems that we have bought in to give you a more enjoyable experience using our software.

We understand the explosion in digital resources that is taking place in business and industry today and are well placed to help control it. It is through effective resource management that all of the benefits available can be realised; without effective management these benefits can be lost in the confusion that arises from not knowing where resources are, how to get at them or how to use them.

We came to market with the ambition of making a resource management system that was powerful in managing and tracking resources whilst being simple and straight forward enough that it would be accessible to the everyday layman.

The original concept was to store machine drawings, circuit schematics and standard operating practice instructions in a system that could be accessed from a desktop PC. The design called for the ability to drill down through images of a machine to component level and then be able to click on a component and have the technical information for that component immediately available. No special programming knowledge should be required to load documents into the system and anyone (irrespective of computer literacy) should be able to access and retrieve the documents saved in the system.

As HermesSuite was developed offshoots began to appear such as the IP address control application which manages and controls the allocation of IP addresses within a given subnet and was designed for controlling laptops that may be brought into a site by visiting engineers.

There was a desire for all of these applications to be cross platform, and accessible from portable devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones, there was a need for email support, 24/7 uptime and immediate updates without end users having to install new software on their machines. This design approach is prevelant in every facet of the HermesSuite package and ensures that the cloud environment is the best possible place for all of this to exist.

We have a small, but extremely driven and capable team who have come from differing businesses to build this family of software. Whatever your problem, we are sure that someone in our team will have either seen it before or have the vision to be able to construct a solution, so why not get in touch with us and let us see if we can help you make your business life easier?

If you do wish to get in touch with us this can be done through the Contact Us page available by clicking here. Alternatively if you want to browse the products and services we have why not visit the products page here.

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