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HermesSuite is a cloud based information and content management system comprised of a family of interrelated software packages designed to help you manage your digital resources. This can range from instruction manuals, certification and technical drawings to activity reports from maintenance teams. The suite of software gravitates around the industrial sector with production, manufacturing and distribution at its heart but we have successfully worked with buildings maintenance teams and businesses in the retail sector.

Resource Library

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The HermesSuite Resource Library provides a heirarchical data structure for you to store documents, technical information, certification, drawings and standard settings from a variety of sources in an easy to use graphical drill down system. Pushing to one side the traditional tree based navigation of most document management systems, HermesSuite employs an image driven approach where clicking on areas of a picture take you directly to information for that component, area or system. Combined with the Quick Response Recognition system that runs through the entire system you can navigate to information related to an item by simply pointing your mobile device at a barcode, pressing a button and allowing the application to recover data for you.


Shift Logs

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You can record, search and view records of improvement and corrective activities on any equipment recorded on HermesSuite in this easy to use and straight forward engineering log book. By having all of your records in one cloud based system your entire organisation can have access to all current and historic records for any asset within your group. This allows cross department communication and a bottom-up approach to information distribution.


QR Codes Increase Productivity

QR codes can be scanned by almost any portable device allowing your employees to search for documents and information or fill in forms by simply scanning with their phones or tablets instead of manually entering data. No longer will they have to sit down and type in start and end times, locations and names, now they can scan an asset label and be left with only 2 or 3 fields to actually populate.


Mobile Device Integration

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Fully integrated with the mobile platform HermesSuite works with iPhone, iPad and Android to deliver full review, reporting and data access functions. You can use your device camera to scan barcodes to allow quick data entry, take photographs of the area or equipment and then upload them into the report content without having to connect to a desktop computer.

This integration means that all activities can be performed without ever having to return to the office, and all data is available regardless of where you are in the world.

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In today’s dynamic markets organisation are looking for ways to maximise their investments and realise the highest returns. Information is one of the most valuable assets that a company can possess and occasionally the greatest expense. Effective management and optimal usage of this these resources is key for any organisation to realise its business strategy. With the intelligent information management an organisation can develop into a class leader.

Resource utilisation is the key, the best way to get this highest performance is to make sure that resources are easy to get at and contain the correct information.

HermesSuite centralises your resource information giving your business the visibility and strategic placement necessary to make your success a possibility.

At the HermesSuite we are extremely proud of what we have achieved and know this to be one of the best digital resource systems available today. We have worked closely with businesses and have tuned this product to be both quick, simply and easy to use whilst maintaining the detailed and powerful controls that everyone wants today.

  • Make faster, better decisions by aligning your IT and business needs.
  • Reduce costs through better use of resources.
  • Dynamically size your information repository based on your periodic needs.

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